How to Plan a Memorial Service

When we experience the death of someone that we love, we are conducting a funeral for several reasons. First is to give meaning to a person’s life, loved ones were able to provide dignified and respectful care, and give tribute to them. Second, it also makes people acknowledge death. Third, it allows us to process our grief inside then express it outside through mourning. Family members and friends gather in this event to remember the deceased, and offer support and comfort to one another.

Planning a funeral can be an emotional process that involves several legal and financial matters to consider. Taking the following steps can help you plan your own funeral or for your loved ones.

There are several ways to do a funeral. People can choose between a funeral, a memorial service, a life celebration or some combination of it. The event may include prayers, eulogy, or with some popular music and dancing for life celebration. If a person chooses to hold a funeral there are necessary legal and logistical arrangements for handling the body to consider.

Compile a list of guest that should be notified about the event. You should also decide how to notify them, which can be thru mail, e-mail, telephone calls.

The location will need to be appropriate to the service, the season, the number of attendees, and any special considerations.

It is important to assign facilitators to aid implementation during the service. Some people may designate to speak or make introductions. Facilitators can be any of the family members, friends or professional workers. There is also an event planner for this kind of service, if you wish to hire someone.

It is important to note all of the details so that you will not forget anything. Creating a checklist is very helpful.